Friday, November 28, 2008

Sleeping Beauty

I had envisioned this spread with color just in the windowpanes with the suggestion of raindrops falling outside. However, the kitty on my shoulder came out so cute I didn't want him to be overlooked so I painted him too.

I suppose I could have stopped there because the blue and orange would have been nice complimentary colors. But, fool that I am, I keep going. It was one of those "it looked better 20 minutes ago" things.

I started the window by putting frisket all over in little blobs and outlining the whole thing. When I peeled the friskit off the surface of the paper peeled up too. Eeek! That caused me some panic.

Maybe the paper in my journal just isn't designed for that. Moisture may have oozed under the friskit just a little and hadn't dried yet. If I try friskit again I'll let it dry for an hour or so before I try to peel it.

The white blobs looked stupid, so I went back with blue-black to try to make two or more individual drops out of each blob. They ended up looking like white drug capsules with a blue middle band. Finally I just painted over the whole mess and let it be. It looks more like a snowstorm at night than a rainstorm during the day, but eh, it's OK.

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