Monday, October 20, 2008

Teeny Tiny Sketchbooks

These are two teeny tiny sketchbooks I made using a single sheet of accordion folded paper for the pages. The pages are removable from the covers so the paper can be turned over and used on the other side. Or each little page can be cut from the larger one to give away.

I thought these would be convenient to toss in my purse for those times when I'm out and get seized by the sudden need to sketch. LOL!

The yellow one has pages made from a 9x12" piece of watercolor paper, good for sketching and adding watercolors later. The cover is made from a piece of 8x8" craft cardstock. I had a strip of cardstock left over, so I made a strap thingy to keep it closed. It looked sort of like a wallet at that point, so I drew stitching on it just for grins.

The smaller one has tan colored 8x11" printer paper as pages, good for jotting down notes, phone numbers, grocery lists, etc. It has a much simplier cover than the yellow one made from a 4x6" scrap of watercolor paper I was using to test my paint mixes. I was going to throw it away, but since it was nice heavy paper, decided to re-purpose it as a cover. I drew around all the little paint blobs with a Pigma Micron pen and tried to make them into something interesting.

I don't know if I'll actually put these to use because I'm not sure they will be practical, but ya never know. I thought they came out cute as a button.

Finished size is a dab over 2x3".

Instructions on how to fold the pages by Nina Johansson

Instructions for the paint blob cover by Po Timkin

Instructions for the yellow cover by Speck


June said...

I've gotta do this now. I thought I didn't need a teensy sketchbook, but now I know I DO! I love the way you made the cover. Swell work; thanks for sharing this,

Margaret Ann said...

These are awesome...great size...wonderful covers! :)