Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nose Hair Trimmer


Since Hubby passed the mid-century mark he started growing hair in unexpected places. Decided he needed a nose hair trimmer so we bought one tonight.

He asked me to take it out of the packaging and get it ready to go. I did so and he headed off to the bathroom with it.


"Good grief," I thought, "I *know* he doesn't have *that* much nose hair."

"How's it working?" I yell through the door.

"Not too good. Did you put the blade in it?"

"The blade was already in it. It cut fine when I tested it on my arm."


I stick my head in and watch him swirling it around in his nose.

"It doesn't seem to be cutting," he says.

"Let me see it."

He hands it to me, I look at it, then hand it back to him.

"It would work a lot better if you took the safety cap off."

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Anonymous said...

Just read what one of your Flicker friends wrote...obviously an oversensitive male....I know for a fact that your hubby is everything you said he was, and more! And his selection of you as his partner shows his high appreciation for brains, looks, and talent. So there! dee