Thursday, August 5, 2010

Electric Car

I was making shorthand notes on a painting I wanted to do of a slice of life in the day of the triplets. What I wrote was "trip in elec socket." Translated, that meant a triplet down on all fours sticking a knife in an electrical socket.

Days later I wanted to do a rough sketch of the scene to figure out placement of the characters and perspective and such. I dragged out my little notes and found the written "trip in elec socket" note.

Well, my little brain went all kinds of places with that. How cool would it be to take a trip in a car that looks like an electrical socket? Too cool, that's how cool.

The other thought was to be an electron and take a trip down the wires then out on the worldwide electrical grid. That would be more cool but I couldn't figure out how to sketch that.

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