Thursday, August 19, 2010

Collaborations Exhibit

Went sketching with Miz Dee today at the local arts center. In the gallery was Collaborations: Two Decades of African American Art, an exhibit put together by Hearne Fine Art in Little Rock, Arkansas.

This collection was PHENOMENAL!!!

There are not enough positive adjectives in Webster's to describe how wonderful this collection was. I was blown away by every piece. Garbo Watson Hearne, owner of Hearne Fine Art, has an exceptional eye for fabulous artwork.

Miz Dee and I went to see the exhibit late yesterday afternoon and didn't have much time to look. We were so excited about it we went back today to give it a good hairy eyeballing and to sketch some of the sculptures.

My pitiful sketches won't do these pieces any justice of course, but here they are. Title, artist, and medium are below each sketch.

Dance II Triptych, Artis Lane, bronze.

These are each the same figure but in different finishes and mounted on large slabs of marble (which I didn't draw). The near dancer was ebony black, the middle one bronze, the the far one white. I could feel the joy emanating from them. If I had a spare 54K laying around they would be mine.

Blue Note, Chukes, ceramic clay.

This may not be obvious from my sketch, but this is a pair of hands, other than the girl's hands, cupping her face. The forearms continue down to almost the elbow and form the base for the sculpture. I struggled with how to describe that because "a pair of hands holding a disembodied head" just sounded too creepy.

Iris, Tonia Mitchell, fiber art.

The arts center director told us he and another guy drove to Little Rock to pick up all the artwork for this show. He had to hold Iris for the three-hour drive back. Said he fell in love with her during the trip. Now refers to her as "his girlfriend."

These three sketches were done in the new Strathmore Visual Journal with 90 lb watercolor paper. Love the paper, love the size, and (I never thought I would ever say this) loved the spirals. It was a very handy little book for sketching while standing or for resting on my knee.

And that concludes my sketching adventure for today.

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raena said...

You must have done these pieces some justice because I love all three of them. Iris is beautiful!