Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Class Assignment - Design a Cap

Sometimes it's fun being married to a teacher because I get to work on the creative bits of lesson plans. Hubby asked me to make a ballcap blank so the kids could design a souvenir cap from Arkansas.

OK, that part was easy enough. Clicky clicky clicky, modify some clip art, done. Yeah, I'm lazy.

Then I thought I would make up some examples to get the kids' creative juices flowing. Arkansas is known for her diamonds and pine trees. That's about it. Otherwise there is miles and miles and miles of nothingness. Oh, we have fish too.

I figured if Wisconsin can have Cheezeheads, Arkansas can have Pineconeheads.

Then I started thinking about the cities down here in Lower Arkansas and their claim to fame.

Oil was discovered in Smackover.

Camden has a railroad heritage. That may be a steamboat heritage, I forget which.

Magnolia has a cute name. That's about it.

Crossett is whiffy because of her papermill...

...that manufactures toilet paper....

...but Crossett also has a zoo.

I was going to limit the cities to those the kids might know or actually visited, but I couldn't resist this cheesy tagline for Russellville, home of Arkansas's only nuclear reactor.

Yes, I have waaaaay too much time on my hands.

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