Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sutterfield's Shop

There were lots of dangerous medieval machinery thingies that looked like they would be efficient at body part removal. Looked around for something interesting to sketch but everything was grayish brown grease color and unidentifiable (to me at least). Finally zeroed in on the red welder and trotted out to the car to fetch my little pocket sketchbook.

Started sketching and after about five minutes (wait for it) Hubby decided it was time to go. I'm beginning to see a pattern here with Hubby. I think when he sees the sketchbook come out he starts getting a rash. Sigh. Anyway, I madly scribbled bits and pieces trying to fill in the spaces. Added a few finishing touches to the inkwork at home.

I think the stuff I scribbled in a hurry is actually better than the stuff I tried to draw accurately. Hummm.....


Anonymous said...

Ahh, too much left brain thinking?? -Doris

Anonymous said...

In my defense, it was 8:00 Sunday night and we had to collect my mom, get home, go to bed and get up at 5:00 the next morning...Hubby