Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hand Surgery

1) Cut V-shaped bit of skin and fatty tissue.

2) Turn and flip V-flap over end of exposed bone. Fatty bits give protection and padding to end of bone.

3) Sew long end of flap under fingernail. Pull second section edges together and sew closed, forming a 'Y'.

This was BIL's surgery (as I understand it) to reconstruct his missing fingertip. I chuckled at the part about taking fatty bits as a cushion because BIL has no fatty bits anywhere on his body.

Initial bandages have to stay on for two weeks. Full recovery in ten weeks or so.

The only problem will be trying to keep BIL out of his toolbox for that long. It may kill his soul.

Hubby took my granny ride to work today so I had to drive his truck to run errands. I was terrified. It was like driving an 18-wheeler and I felt like I was taking up both lanes.

Momma was not happy.


Buck said...

I LOVE to drive big trucks - - - surprisingly.

KB said...

That looks familiar. My daughter got her thumb closed in a door when she was 18 months old and had the same surgery. Still remembers it, too, and she's five now ... but then, I still shudder every time I think about it, too.

I wasn't sketchbooking yet, so didn't get to immortalize it, darn it.

Alissa said...

whew - at first I thought this was in relation to your SAW drawing which I just looked at