Friday, November 12, 2010

Having a Mandala Moment

My beloved sketching partner Miz Dee is in the hospital having surgery. (I'm sure that's a HIPAA violation of some sort.) She's a gazillion miles away so a quick visit is not an option. I sit in the deafening silence of Not Knowing, waiting for an email from one of her kids to let me know how she's doing.

My brain is not functioning. All I can seem to do is doodle mandalas on every available surface.

This one was done with fountain pens. I started with the basic shape of a wisteria seed pod...and I looked up the proper spelling of "mandala."

This one is a mixture of fountain pens and regular ol' gel writing pens. Again with the wisteria pods.

This one is fountain pens and metallic gel markers. I may not be able to claim this as a mandala because it isn't round. But it started out being round. Does that still count???

I actually broke out the Sharpie collection on this next one. That includes the regular size, the ultra fine, and highlighters. I forgot highlighters don't scan. That strange peachy color is actually a vivid, neon orange.

My soul is vibrating in unison with the wisteria seed pods.


Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Wow, you have been worrying about your friend Miz Dee... I'll keep you both in my prayers... I don't think you violated any rules... but if so it was out of love and concern and no jury of your peers (like me) would convict you.

freebird said...

Maybe you can print (or make a new one) of one of these and put it on a card and send it to Miz Dee as a get well card. I think the squarish one still counts.

Secrets said...

Hope your friend recovers. Enjoyed your blog.