Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Upside-down Fountain Pen Doodles

Got a wild hair to turn my fountain pen upside down to see what kind of line it made. Fountain pen users may cringe at that statement because that is a big no-no. It can ruin a nib. Meh, I used a Lamy Safari nib. I'm not too concerned.

Discovered it made a rillyrilly fine line, about half the width of the normal extra-fine line. It was great for tiny crosshatching lines. Woot!

Obviously I doodled this guy out of my head but I knew a real guy who looked just like this. Spittin' image.

And who among us doesn't know a lady with a hairdo like this?

Well, down here in the South there are lots of 'em. And usually the hairdo has a strange purpley tint.


Anonymous said...

I think cartooning is in your future...the world needs the laughs. These are so cute and I know they were fun....dee

Laure Ferlita said...

And sometimes it's steely blue! Fun discovery on the pen.

freebird said...

No smoke-quitting chronicle here? Does that mean life is getting to the new normal? I hope so. Love these doodles! You really got lots of expressions on these people.

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Love the old dude... great suit lots of details straight from your head. I like the hairdo to, I'm almost old enough to start getting mine done like that LOL
So are we still a non-smoker on day 7?

Speck said...

Thanks y'all! Sometimes I've gotta cut loose from reality to draw what's inside my head. It is soooo much fun!

As of this writing (wee hours of a.m. Aug 18th), I am starting Day 13 of smoke-freedom. After the first week the angst subsided somewhat so I didn't have so much I needed to draw. I plan on doing a Week 2 summary post this weekend. There were some moments I wanted to record for posterity.