Friday, October 30, 2009

Treasure Chest

Did more cleaning today: bath cabinets, clothes closet, dresser drawers. Not too bad overall. In the bathroom a few old tubes of stuff got trashed and the drawers and shelves got a good scrubbing. From the closet and dresser some old T-shirts, a turtleneck, a pair of slacks, and a bathrobe are going to Goodwill.

Then I got to the Treasure Chest. It's an old wooden box my mom used as a jewelry box. It's on my dresser mainly to hold one side of a tri-fold mirror in place. It's a catch-all for odds and ends and things I don't really have any other place for.

Today I dumped out of it some dead hair elastics, a baggie of safety pins, a smattering of bobby pins, extra buttons on tags from new clothing, as well as the stuff in the sketch above.

I think I'll sneak the blob of glass and the red door key chain into Hubby's pocket lint collection of junky stuff and see if he notices.

One of the cat barrettes was my sister's and she was throwing it out. I just happened to have one too and it was my favorite (and still is although I don't wear barrettes anymore.)

The lipstick holder belonged to my aunt who kept me during the day when I was little bitty. She spoiled me rotten. She died when I was 3 or 4 and this little lipstick holder reminds me of her. I always admired the little guitar playing cherub and the lacy filigree holder thingies. It's surprisingly heavy for its size.

I don't know where the broken worm has gotten off too. Now that I think about that a bit, the worm I'm thinking of is white ceramic, not red clay. Hummm....

Don't have a clue what the black rubber tip should go on, but I've kept it for years thinking one day the thing will present itself.

And, of course, every girl should have a tiara. Sometimes when I'm down in the dumps, looking like death warmed over, I put on my tiara and wear it around the house. Every now and then I could use a little princess magic to make the day a little brighter. Know what I mean?

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john.p said...

This is, indeed, an interesting collection of valuables and tales.