Sunday, September 21, 2008

First Watercolor

(click to embiggen)
Aieeeehhhh! Paint and water everywhere! Too much paint then too much water then too much everything on the paper. I need a teacher!

I couldn't leave well enough alone. Went back and added a pale blue wash for a background. I think I messed it up.


Anita Davies said...

Oh I like it, it has such a delicate feel about it...I like the blue wash too!

Willym said...

the blue wash definately works. Watercolors and pastels have to be the most difficult mediums to work in - oils you can cover things up.

sageweb said...

Wonderful you are a great artist.

rosemary said...

both are just lovely.....if you do a violet I'll buy it....a sweet Devon Violet.

Speck said...

Anita - Thank you!

Willym - Thank you for confirming watercolors are difficult. Watercolorists say they are easy and I'm just not getting it. I like the do-over aspect of oils and acrylics.

Sage - Thanks!

Rosemary - Will look upon what is a Sweet Devon Violet and see if I can tackle it. :)